Monday, August 24, 2009

Pachwurk's Lets Paint The Wall Competition

Lets Paint The Wall Competition is a one day event full of nARTistic mayhem that organized by Pachwurk Store. Held on a sunny Sunday August 16th 2009 for one purpose only, that is to make people share their creativity, being bold about their artistic side, get their hands dirty with paint, ink, etc and really have a fun time.

This independent event was held at Pachwurk Store (Both inside the store and outside at the parking lot). People who attend the event are welcome to put their piece of art on the mediums that was provided by Pachwurk. Three white blocks are installed inside the store. On top of each blocks are marker pens, couple bottles of paint, and brushes. Other than that, one side of the wall inside of the Store are allow to be drawn.

At first there were only a couple of visitors had the nerve to show their skill, but after that other starts to follow and make an art piece of their own. All of the three blocks are soon filled with beautiful paintings and drawings. Remember how when we are little, make a doodle on a piece of paper, while the teacher blabbering in front of the class? That is the ambiance we tried to recreate. The sense of freedom, picturing yourself and your thoughts through a piece of paper. Where you can spend hours sketching, scribbling, doodling. You don't care whether your drawing is good or bad, you just go with it, and have a fun time. Ah, those moment! good times...

As the main event, we got Live Mural Art Exhibition by 9 Selected artist that previously chosen by Pachwurk through Facebook. They are: Hendy Musa (Ape Republic), Toro Elmar, Elfitra Mercredi, Arris Aprillo, Mohamad Reza (Moreza), Anton Riyanto, Talitha Nashtiti, Yahyakan Natadias, and Nico Susanto (To watch their profile you can go to these link: Lets Paint 1, Lets Paint 2 and Lets Paint 3)

The artworks from the 9 Artist than will be put in an album on our facebook account  for everyone to Vote, which one do they like the most. We made a little contest out of it. The one with the most likes at the end of the Voting Period (September 18th) will be crowned as the 'winner' in this Competition. The 'winner' then will collaborate with  Pachwurk to make a really great product! To help vote click here.

From this little competition, we hope we can show and inspire people that you can make almost anything with some creativity, love, integrity and hard work. In this case is how to turn a simple idea into drawings and hopefully the drawings then will evolve into great lines of product. We'll see what happen. What ever it is, it's gonna be great :D

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Mostly we will talk about Arts, Designs, Fashions, etc. But basically it is about Creativity, and how to use it in our life in daily basis.